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Spam Calls

In today’s modern era, nearly everyone has a cell phone which acts as the primary gateway to our entire digital world. Landlines are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and we use our cell phone numbers to do everything from order pizza to fill out important documents. Unfortunately, once your cell phone number is out there, it’s hard to protect it again, and you may be receiving endless phone calls from companies based all over the world. Here at Christopher Legg, P.A., we are dedicated consumer rights attorneys in Florida, and we fight against phone call abuse, preserving the rights of people just like you.

Your cell phone probably goes everywhere with you, and the last thing you should have to deal with is the constant ringing, and the harassing voicemails from creditors, lenders, and debt collectors. Companies like these use deceptive tactics to steal your time and energy, and rarely have consequences for breaking the law…until now. Our firm is committed to fighting back against cell phone spam calls, getting you fair compensation for your suffering, and finally giving you back your peace of mind. You shouldn’t be afraid of your cell phone, worried about who is on the other end, and your personal digital device shouldn’t be a target for endless telemarketing calls. You can count on Christopher Legg, P.A., to tenaciously protect your rights!

Are you ready for the annoying phone calls to finally stop? Reach out to our firm today and request your free consultation. We’re based in Hollywood, but serve the entire state of Florida.