The Consumer Lawyers Aggressively Fighting For Your Rights


Constant phone calls from a collections agency are neither welcome nor legal. In 1977, Congress established the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) to regulate these agencies and curtail aggressive communications. However, some collection agencies manage to work around these rules because consumers simply don’t understand them. The Consumer Lawyers are here to spread information about best debt collections practices and provide representation for debtors who have been wronged by these agencies. If you suspect or have identified the GENPACT collection agency as a source of harassment, please contact us.

In addition to disallowing aggressive phone calls and other communications, the FDCPA also requires collections agencies to identify themselves. Mysterious calls, voicemails, mail, or other correspondence from an agency demanding payment can be identified by The Consumer Lawyers. Combatting illicit debt collection practices often requires assistance from an experienced financial attorney. Get in touch with the Consumer Lawyers for a free consultation and the opportunity to file a cease-and-desist letter or other legal actions.

These are a few of the phone numbers use by Genpact Services to contact consumers about their debts owed: (513) 322-3852, (513) 878-4936, (513) 878-3690, (513) 878-4961, (513) 878-4889, (513) 698-2421, (513) 322-0211.