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EGS Financial Care

EGS Financial Care has formerly been known as NCO Financial, and is one of the biggest debt collection agencies in the country. This company has faced hundreds of serious complaints from consumers over the years, regarding illegal and abusive debt collection practices like repetitive and excessive phone calls, sharing of private debt information with unauthorized parties, and failing to identify themselves via call or text. EGS Financial Care has over a hundred call centers and uses dozens of different phone numbers to reach as many customers as possible. This company has also been known to buy bad debts from other parties and sell severely delinquent accounts to smaller operations across the country. EGS has a bad reputation with consumers, and when you need help putting an end to their abuse and harassment, the Consumer Lawyers are here. Call us today!

EGS Financial Care uses many phone numbers, including the following: 800-413-0134, 602-263-1141, 888-853-6950, 918-280-0811, 704-523-8444, 877-567-1544.