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Central Credit Services

Central Credit Services, sometimes abbreviated CCS, is a collection agency based in Jacksonville, Florida, and has been in business since 1988. There are numerous complaints against this company for illegal and threatening collection practices, and CCS has a very poor reputation for consumer rights. Many consumers have reported alleged abuse from the representatives at Central Credit Services, saying they were unfairly pressured to pay money they didn’t even owe, or threatened with negative marks on their credit reports. CCS has allegedly used phone call harassment and untrue claims to force payment on their accounts, and if you have been abused by CCS, you have come to the right place. We are the Consumer Lawyers, and we’ll go to bat for you against debt collection abuse in Florida!

Central Credit Services has been known to use many phone numbers, including the following: 702-425-2165, 904-562-6657, 904-724-1800, 636-634-2863, 981-518-6686, and more!